Small                    30cm by 30cm/12" by 12"                       £139


                            30cm by 40cm/12" by 16"                       £149


Medium                40cm by 40cm/16" by 16"                       £165


                            40cm by 50cm/16" by 20"                       £179


                            45cm by 61cm/18" by 24"                       £189


Large                    50cm by 50cm/20" by 20"                       £209


                            50cm by 70cm/20" by 28"                       £235


                            50cm by 100cm/20" by 39"                     £289


                            60cm by 90cm/24" by 36"                       £355                                    

Head only on chunky box canvas

For a second dog add 50% to the price of the canvas


Prices quoted exclude P&P

Steps to follow

Choose your photo. If you're not sure which would best be turned into a piece of art just send me lots and I can help with the decision.



Choose your background colour or leave it to me to decide which would best go with your pet


Email or post your photo to me. I will then work on the composition and when we're both happy I'll invoice you for 25% of the final amount.


Completion of the canvas will take between 2 and 4 weeks upon which I will email you an image of  the canvas to make sure you are happy before you pay the final amount.

Decide on the size of canvas you would like.


Payment can be made through Paypal, Bank transfer, cash or cheque.

Gift Vouchers available


Free P&P

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